Life Lesson: Learn to listen to your body.


In my late teen’s, I ran my little heart out. I didn’t have a car, so I would run three miles to the gym, spend hours doing cardio and run back home.

In my 20’s I discovered Crossfit. After my first workout, I became addicted. I loved learning to lift heavy and the “high” I felt from the intense, insane workouts. I learned a few important things during this season of my life.

1. Strength training is empowering.
2. You don’t need to workout for hours to get results
3. Being part of a community will help you stay consistent.

One lesson I hadn’t learned yet was the importance of rest, recovery, and balance.

Unfortunately, after six years I had to break-up with Crossfit. It turn’s out, you really shouldn’t do intense, insane workout’s six day’s a week. I abused my body and as a result, my nervous system and metabolism were completely shot. I also wasn’t eating enough, but that’s for another blog post.

The problem was, I still had the mindset that if I didn’t workout like a crazy person I would get “fat” again. I knew I needed to rest, but I couldn’t.  So, I joined a regular gym and began taking classes, doing kickboxing, TRX work, Barre, Hot Yoga, running, etc. You name the program, I’ve done it.  I remember working out twice a day because my body wasn’t changing, the vicious cycle continued.

Then in August 2014, I became pregnant. When I found out I was completely shocked, it was not planned. Nonetheless, Chris and I were very excited. Since I hadn’t known I was pregnant I had been working out as intense as ever and was actually doing some crazy juice detox. To make a long story shorter, I miscarried at 9 Weeks.

I know that my miscarriage and my workout/diet might have had absolutely no correlation, in fact, my doctor assured me it didn’t. I realize miscarriage is common and there are plenty of unhealthy people that have perfectly healthy full-term pregnancies. BUT it was this experience that helped me change my mindset from being “skinny” to becoming healthy.

In the month’s that followed I forced my body to take a break, recover. I walked every day, reduced my workout’s to three day’s a week (short-HIIT workouts), stopped counting calories, added good fat’s to my diet and used high-quality supplements to fill in my nutritional gaps.

My body thanked me for allowing it to recover.  I actually lost weight eating double the amount of calories and working out half as much. This was the break my body needed to reset itself. When I became pregnant with Mia in May 2015 I was at my ideal weight, strong and I felt in complete balance. I know it seem’s silly, but I felt prepared for her. If I had another miscarriage I knew I couldn’t blame myself, I did everything I possibly could.

I share this story not for sympathy, but as an example of the importance of keeping everything in balance. Sometimes, too much of a good thing is not a good thing.  I challenge you to keep this in mind in every aspect of your life, I try to.

Fitness is still a huge part of my life, heck my husband own’s a gym. I can’t get alway from it! My takeaway point is to keep perspective, remember to have a healthy, balanced relationship with your workout’s.  Trust me, your body will thank you!

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